clara spencer-phillips ~ graphic designer





Why is your brand important? Your brand represents what people see, hear and think of your product, service and company. It is a key asset of every successful business; building customer awareness, strengthening reputations and establishing a lasting memorable identity. I can create your brand identity as well as advise on your brand’s creative strategies and positioning.

I give 9.7% off my listed prices to women, which reflects the current gender pay gap.



Your website is often the first port of call for a potential customer or client. Simplicity, clarity and a sense of humour are elements that I like to bring into website design. Bringing it all together via imagery, fonts and layout.

Print & Signage

I have over ten years experience in print design, packaging and everything from large scale billboards to tiny box artwork. I can also make vinyl signage up to the scale of 12x12 inches.

This is charged at my normal rate of £32 per hour.