Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Jackson - 16 Months

Ah little guy. I don't know how it has got to 16 months into your life and I think I have maybe done 2 updates here but life is fairly busy. I just finished my child and adolescent counseling diploma. I'm just making sure that I know how to talk to you when you get bigger and give me a hard time. JUST kidding, it is something I have wanted to do for years and I loved it. I got a distinction, just saying.
SO Jackson, you are an absolute little legend. You put up with a lot of manhandling from your sister and you take it like a total champ. Although you certainly screech if she takes a toy from you. You are a really cuddling baby and you stay in those cuddles for an always unexpectedly long time. I couldn't love you any more dude and sometimes I do wish that I had more one on one time with you. BUT next year when your sister goes to school then there will be a couple of Mama/Jackson days so yay. 

You are finding your words at the moment and although Bye Bye has been your number 1 word, today you got 'apple' which I am pretty impressed with. You call me Mama. And say Dadeeeee, which you have been saying for months when you hear him come in the front door from work. You still do this awesome smile where you scrunch up your face and throw your head back. It makes me laugh every time. You sleep on your front and other than when you were ill (so many viruses and gross-ness these past few moths) you sleep pretty well. You are a bit of a fussy eater, would rather have pesto pasta parcels and peanut butter on toast for every meal but you are good with fruit too. Yogurt is also a fave and last month when we went to the ice cream place and didn't get you your own (I thought you could share mine and Luna's and Granded Berries') you went pretty ballistic! You are happy at Tarnerland, your sweet nursery but I am not sure if I will keep you there once Luna starts school as it is a bit of a trek over the other side of town.

You have completed this family and made us all insanely happy. Love you little Jacksie-Pie. Don't grow up too fast. x

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