Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Thinking About Me

Ahh time spent just thinking about myself... a very rare occasion but something which I think I do every year for my birthday and is a nice way of bringing together things which I merely glimpse on the fly during brief instagram browsing or musing on things which I actually need in my life! Hi BKR bottle and some exercise trainers which arent from 2001.

1. Moon Pendant - eriadesignsjewelry - Etsy
2. BKR water bottle (to replace my lost one and 18 not as good ones in 2016/2017. Should have just rebought this one to start with!)
3. Ahh Santal you beauty, anything from this brand, but my candle collection is very diminished
4. Dr Jackson's Night Skin Cream from Cult Beauty. All natural, mega lovely.
5. Nike Free TR7 AMP trainers
6. Hanging gold and glass terrarium from Oliver Bonas, think I need more gold and plants in my life
7. Obsessed with this painting from thislakshmi. Spot on mama post natal body.
8. Ferm Living coffee cups. Oh true love! On sale now from Studio NL.

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