Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Jackson Elio

5 months of this little squirt and he is currently:
Trying to sit up
Trying to eat everything on my plate
Loves cuddles
Smiles all the time (dimples!)
Sleeps pretty well, goes to bed at the same time as his sister now
Has around 4 naps a day
Wants anything shiny within his reach
Intrigued by his toes
Adores bath time (always has, never a tear in the bathroom!)
Almost crushed with love daily by his sister
Not terribly keen on his car seat
Says mamamamama
Will chew any finger he can get into his mouth
Makes very weird (dogs perk up their ears 3 miles away) noises and little screams
Wants to be facing forward in the ergo (sadly we don't have the ergo 360)
Don't think his hair has committed to a colour yet
Finally his gunk eye is gone
Such a joy to have around

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