Friday, 15 July 2016

37 Weeks

Ah full term! 
So we are hoping that the moxi and acupuncture and chiropractor worked, I can breathe and you are in such a different position to how your sister way at this point. Please stay head down little dude! If you came now, you would hopefully be ok. And there are lots of signs that your arrival is just around the corner, you have been doing a lot of practise breathing, which I never felt with your sister, where you push against my stomach and breathe as if you really are breathing, the right rhythm and then afterwards you get the hiccups. Very sweet!
Last night I had about 3 hours sleep because I was having braxton hicks contractions, my stomach would get very very tight every 5 or so minutes and the muscles felt like they were making you really really round and pushing you down a bit, again something I never felt with your sister. I tried to do my hypno birthing breathing despite it not being painful, just distracting while I was trying to drift off. Really can't believe that I will be kissing those cheeks within the month. 
I got my broken ankle boot off this week and managed to put your bed nest in the right place and decorate your corner a bit so that you have some bits to look at when you are lying in it. I think it looks really nice, I hope you do too. Although we will probably be moving from here once you are 5/6 months old so that you can have your own bedroom.
See you soon.

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