Friday, 3 June 2016

Week 31

So after sliding down a bank with your sister, going over on my ankle - both ways - you and I ended up in hospital with 3 broken bones, then in surgery, 9 pins and 2 plates later we are home and resting with Granny Bunny who has flown in to look after us from America. Growing you and healing this ankle is certainly making me very sleepy but I am just happy that you are ok in there and trying my hardest to position myself so that you aren't a little breech baby like your sister was (think you are transverse atm) which will render all your Daddy and I's hypnobirthing learning and practising redundant on the day we meet you. 

If you can hear me little person get your head down it'll be a lot more comfortable! 
Love you already and we are forever bonded together by this ridiculous week of events. Just stay on the inside until August please. xxxxx

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