Thursday, 30 June 2016

35 Weeks

I can't believe we are a month from our guess/due date. Feeling very irritable today but I know I feel like that so sort of keeping it in check. Slept awfully this week waking up every time I turn over as it's rather tricky with the lack of ankle use and the big bump. Joe passed his driving test today though! How good is that?! It's been really challenging not being able to take Luna out to the countryside or just pop to waitrose at the weekend and for all those nursery runs on Thursdays.
Anndd just in time for your arrival little man! (Now daddy is a proper man! We will get him using that drill soon and then the world is his manly oyster)
I guess you are pretty much fully formed in there now, just putting on fat and squishing up for our cuddles! I have a feeling, just like your sister, that you can't get in the right position, I have been seeing a chiropractor for the Webster technique, to see if my pelvis is twisted, she says it is, not the worst but I am having a few sessions to see what we can do and to sort out my graphic designer upper back which came up as inflamed on the temperature scan. I also have moxabustion and acupuncture planned for Monday and a positioning pregnancy massage on Thursday, then maybe another moxa and acupuncture next Tuesday. I'll do everything I can to try and get you in the right position and out naturally because surgery again so soon after the 9 pins and 2 plates in my ankle is not appealing to me. And it means maybe I'll be able to feed you easier this time, which is important for both of us.
I can't wait to see who you are! We can't agree on a name for you though, boys names are so hard.
See you soon xxx

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