Friday, 22 April 2016

Baby Boy Wishlist

The sweetest of things for this little baby boy. I definitely know what I want second time around and what worked last time. Millions of muslins! No shoes!

1. Really lusting over a Solly baby wrap. Or a black linen Sakura Bloom, but I think the Solly looks more comfortable.
2. High hopes for the Tiny Cottons AW16 socks!
3. This Ouef NYC hat is just too much
4. Gorgeous Siebensachen music ball from Adam + Horth - divine
5. Nomilu teether (something a little more beautiful than Sophie!)
6. I already have an ice cream print Modern Burlap muslin but there are so many more monochrome designs
7. Lovely Goat Milk NYC vest since this is a summer baby and they are just so beautifully organic and sweet and soft

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