Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Week 20

We had the loveliest scan today (lets not talk about the 12 week, when Luna refused to stay in the room, it was torrentially raining and I ended up in tears). You were munching away on something and just seeing your little mouth opening and closing made my heart go all funny. Ah a boy, I knew it, you have really taken it out of me with all the growing and since you are an (should everything go to plan) August baby we have nicknamed you The Lion as August = Leo. And it has felt as hard work as if I had really been growing a lion. Sooo, if you could ease up on the immune system take down (5th cold this year so far and we are 3.5 months in) and stop randomly still making me sick now that would be great. Thanks. I wasn't surprised when they told us but your Daddy was, he beamed like crazy even though he maintains that he didn't mind either way. I saw his face! He isn't going to be out numbered... He was super happy.
I am pretty concerned about the world of men you are coming into, when people like John Terry and George Osbourne exist in the spotlight and positions of power. Who will you look up to? I just hope you can look to males within our family and friends, there are some pretty great ones there.
Oh little lion, what have you got in store for me??

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