Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Out now please little person! 
Officially given his eviction notice. Please don't be too late people are looking at your mam like she is about to deposit you on their shoes!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

39 Weeks

Ah so ready for this little boy's arrival! I want to kiss those cheeks and let him curl his little fingers around my finger. Have been doing all the pineapple, raspberry leaf tea and dates action which I can but I know he will come in his own time and I can wait. I am just moving very slowly now, the ankle is stiff and I feel huge! 
Having some acupuncture on Tuesday (our guess date) and hoping that he comes out ASAP!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

38 Weeks

It's so effing hot here I have to keep running my wrists under the cold tap. Our house is a total shit hole because there is a new kitchen going in and all the contents are in the living room. I am looking at a spiralizer and a toaster right next to my computer! 
Luna is over the chickenpox now so spirits are a little higher than they were last week, despite the fact that it is about a billion degrees and I am the size of a house. 
You can come whenever you are ready little guy. I can't wait to meet you!
(I probably should have cleaned the bathroom mirror before taking this - I think that is toothpaste on my cheek)

Friday, 15 July 2016

37 Weeks

Ah full term! 
So we are hoping that the moxi and acupuncture and chiropractor worked, I can breathe and you are in such a different position to how your sister way at this point. Please stay head down little dude! If you came now, you would hopefully be ok. And there are lots of signs that your arrival is just around the corner, you have been doing a lot of practise breathing, which I never felt with your sister, where you push against my stomach and breathe as if you really are breathing, the right rhythm and then afterwards you get the hiccups. Very sweet!
Last night I had about 3 hours sleep because I was having braxton hicks contractions, my stomach would get very very tight every 5 or so minutes and the muscles felt like they were making you really really round and pushing you down a bit, again something I never felt with your sister. I tried to do my hypno birthing breathing despite it not being painful, just distracting while I was trying to drift off. Really can't believe that I will be kissing those cheeks within the month. 
I got my broken ankle boot off this week and managed to put your bed nest in the right place and decorate your corner a bit so that you have some bits to look at when you are lying in it. I think it looks really nice, I hope you do too. Although we will probably be moving from here once you are 5/6 months old so that you can have your own bedroom.
See you soon.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Week 36

Our house smells of... a certain type of bush weed! On Monday I went to see the chiropractor, then for acupuncture and moxibustion and so your papa has been heating my little toes every night to try and get you to turn head down! I know this sounds crazy but the NHS recommends it and its success rate is something like 75%, which is gob smacking. 

Tomorrow we have our presentation scan and I will see you again, I can't wait!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

35 Weeks

I can't believe we are a month from our guess/due date. Feeling very irritable today but I know I feel like that so sort of keeping it in check. Slept awfully this week waking up every time I turn over as it's rather tricky with the lack of ankle use and the big bump. Joe passed his driving test today though! How good is that?! It's been really challenging not being able to take Luna out to the countryside or just pop to waitrose at the weekend and for all those nursery runs on Thursdays.
Anndd just in time for your arrival little man! (Now daddy is a proper man! We will get him using that drill soon and then the world is his manly oyster)
I guess you are pretty much fully formed in there now, just putting on fat and squishing up for our cuddles! I have a feeling, just like your sister, that you can't get in the right position, I have been seeing a chiropractor for the Webster technique, to see if my pelvis is twisted, she says it is, not the worst but I am having a few sessions to see what we can do and to sort out my graphic designer upper back which came up as inflamed on the temperature scan. I also have moxabustion and acupuncture planned for Monday and a positioning pregnancy massage on Thursday, then maybe another moxa and acupuncture next Tuesday. I'll do everything I can to try and get you in the right position and out naturally because surgery again so soon after the 9 pins and 2 plates in my ankle is not appealing to me. And it means maybe I'll be able to feed you easier this time, which is important for both of us.
I can't wait to see who you are! We can't agree on a name for you though, boys names are so hard.
See you soon xxx

Thursday, 23 June 2016

34 Weeks

34 Weeks!
Ankle on the mend...

Thursday, 9 June 2016

32 Weeks

Very badly photoshopped image this week but I can't sit with my foot in it's boot on the floor for much longer. We have had a lot of sofa time this week trying to mend my ankle as well as growing you. The sun is out, it is June and it is lovely, I only wish we were hanging out in parks with your sister. Hoping for lots of that after you arrive little man. 
Also... you have toe nails!!!

Friday, 3 June 2016

Week 31

So after sliding down a bank with your sister, going over on my ankle - both ways - you and I ended up in hospital with 3 broken bones, then in surgery, 9 pins and 2 plates later we are home and resting with Granny Bunny who has flown in to look after us from America. Growing you and healing this ankle is certainly making me very sleepy but I am just happy that you are ok in there and trying my hardest to position myself so that you aren't a little breech baby like your sister was (think you are transverse atm) which will render all your Daddy and I's hypnobirthing learning and practising redundant on the day we meet you. 

If you can hear me little person get your head down it'll be a lot more comfortable! 
Love you already and we are forever bonded together by this ridiculous week of events. Just stay on the inside until August please. xxxxx

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Week 29

We have been talking to you lots and lots this week as we realised that you can hear us from now on. I am in full nesting mode and feel like an animal trying to prepare my nest for not being able to leave it! Also I feel like a human space hopper. I have my date to finish work - 7th June but it doesn't look like the house is going to sell in time so you might be born here, like your sister which I quite like actually. 2 little Railway Street babies.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Week 27

Such a mixed week; our house sale fell through but a few positives from work. I am feeling pretty frazzled and not sleeping very well. I wake up earlier than Luna every morning! 
Curled my hair, which I never do. Enjoying the little kicks from the baby but so keen to know which way around you are. Starting our hypno birthing course tomorrow which I am really looking forward to. I have used up all 10 of my pregnancy yoga classes. I can't believe it has been 12 weeks since I started! I also can't believe I am in the 3rd trimester next week!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

26 Weeks

You have opened your eyes - That is just amazing to me. 
Hi in there little guy!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Baby Boy Wishlist

The sweetest of things for this little baby boy. I definitely know what I want second time around and what worked last time. Millions of muslins! No shoes!

1. Really lusting over a Solly baby wrap. Or a black linen Sakura Bloom, but I think the Solly looks more comfortable.
2. High hopes for the Tiny Cottons AW16 socks!
3. This Ouef NYC hat is just too much
4. Gorgeous Siebensachen music ball from Adam + Horth - divine
5. Nomilu teether (something a little more beautiful than Sophie!)
6. I already have an ice cream print Modern Burlap muslin but there are so many more monochrome designs
7. Lovely Goat Milk NYC vest since this is a summer baby and they are just so beautifully organic and sweet and soft

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

24 Weeks

This little boy is soooo wriggly this week! I dont know what position he is in, always changing but the kicks are usually my left hip bone or side or under my right rib hmmm, could those be hands?!

23 Weeks

A bit behind on these. It's been an intense week for various reasons. Why does shit always seem to go down riiiiight in the middle of being pregnant. Hey ho, I have this little person to focus on. Oh wait, your older sister just woke up...

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

April Wishlist

1. Been looking for this magazine everywhere! Lunch Lady. Watch the video on why the very clever lady launched it here.
2. Cluse watch; so damn pretty, so damn sold out
3. Gwyneth Paltrow's new book. Whether you love her or hate her her food is magic.
4. Gorgeous Pien Oka ring
5. Studio Arhoj, so in love with these ceramics from Denmark
6. Not left anywhere in my size. Uhh. Adidas double sole bold Stan Smiths.
7. Bjork and Berries. How beautifully Scandinavian is this brand? I want the whole range.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

21 Weeks Pregnant

Really not feeling as grumpy as I look here! Off to Cornwall on holiday and finally over my 5th cold of 2016 so feeling chipper!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Week 20

We had the loveliest scan today (lets not talk about the 12 week, when Luna refused to stay in the room, it was torrentially raining and I ended up in tears). You were munching away on something and just seeing your little mouth opening and closing made my heart go all funny. Ah a boy, I knew it, you have really taken it out of me with all the growing and since you are an (should everything go to plan) August baby we have nicknamed you The Lion as August = Leo. And it has felt as hard work as if I had really been growing a lion. Sooo, if you could ease up on the immune system take down (5th cold this year so far and we are 3.5 months in) and stop randomly still making me sick now that would be great. Thanks. I wasn't surprised when they told us but your Daddy was, he beamed like crazy even though he maintains that he didn't mind either way. I saw his face! He isn't going to be out numbered... He was super happy.
I am pretty concerned about the world of men you are coming into, when people like John Terry and George Osbourne exist in the spotlight and positions of power. Who will you look up to? I just hope you can look to males within our family and friends, there are some pretty great ones there.
Oh little lion, what have you got in store for me??

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Week 19

19 weeks. Cannot believe we are halfway next week. Where is the time going??

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


1. Ikea Raskog Trolley - would be so useful for the new baby, with the limited space we will have to begin with
2. Skinnydip x Zara Martin Kitty Headphones from Urban Outfitters. OMG.
3. Beautiful silk shirt dress from Rennes, my new favourite brand
4. Byredo Hand Cream
5. Also from Rennes, now sadly sold out, blush leather coin pouch
 6. The Frankie magazine 'A Little Bit Crafty' book
7. Suede HI Air Force Ones

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Week 18

I think a major growth spurt has occurred!

Week 17

Starting to finally feel better in terms of pregnany related symptoms, then taken out with the freight train of sinisitis. Next week I'll feel better (I pray)

Sooo... Baby Number 2

Unless you don't follow along on instagram we are now on our way to making baby number 2. The first trimester was gruelling to say the least, lots of being sick and urghness for 9 weeks. Even at 16 weeks this time around I didn't have my energy back. As I said above my finale day of puking was rather dramatic and then that was that and I haven't actually been sick since. Oh but plenty of dry retching. Thanks pregnancy hormones!