Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Beauty Favourite

1. YSL Mascara, the best of the best when it comes to my pale eyelashes!
2. When I was first given this Aesop Ginger In-Flight Therapy Oil I had no idea what to do with it. Now I use it as a quick perfume if I don't want to smell really strong, it smells fresh and gorgeous and is calming too. Win win!
3. Santal 33 by Le Labo. Oh my - have you smelt this? The most addictive scent out there.
4. I am obsessed with this French beauty editor's secret Bioderma Crealine. The kindest water based make up remover and cleanser I have ever used.
5. Pelle soaps are vegetable oil based, super kind and natural soaps all hand cut in Brooklyn. They smell divine and look pretty cool too.
6. I tried this on in a shop and couldn't stop licking my lips all day. I had to go back and buy it. Herbivore Botanicals make the most heavenly natural beauty products which I have put on previous wishlists. I am also totally in love with their packaging.
7. Fat & The Moon is a made to order natural deodorant with no aluminum which my Mother kindly brought over from America for me. It isn't as effective as shop bought deodorant but it is the best I have tried without those toxic chemicals in.
8. & Other Stories have a gorgeous beauty department and I bought a few things from there which I could have put on here, namely the Fig Body Mist but this hand cream is refreshing and under 100ml so perfect for your hand luggage if you are only taking a carry on holiday.
9. Another French beauty insider secret, I adore this moisturizer so much I can't ever see myself changing to another one. It smells like a glamorous aunt and it does the job beautifully.
10. Grown Alchemist has burst onto the beauty scene with all sort of plant based tinctures and creams. I especially love this anti oxident serum which contains rosehip and buckthorn berry. 

Just my personal favourites and not all with the coolest packaging but these are what I adore at the moment.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Alexa Wilding

How has your perspective on motherhood and life in general changed after such a dramatic life event (on finding out one of her twins had cancer just before his 1st birthday, every Mother's worst nightmare)

"That last day I walked Lou to the emergency room, when I still didn’t know what was wrong, I felt connected to every mother that had ever lived. That feeling has stayed with me. Motherhood is love. It is death of the ego (not your amigo!) and it is to surrender to God, whatever form he/she takes for you. Personally for me, that higher power is nature. We are all living things growing and changing and malfunctioning, etc. We are one. So, while, yes, my heart was broken, I feel lucky that I get to wear such a messy organ on my sleeve and be a part of such a wild world."

Again Mother Mag finds me another idol/girl crush/inspiration. Read the article here.