Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Luna 18 Months

A whole year and a half old! Luna is turning into a little girl, her hair is getting long and her tummy isn't quite as chubby as it once was. I love her so much she is really fun at the moment, this is the best age since she was about 9 months. My favourite bit at the moment is the kisses; she woke me up this morning by kissing me on the nose - I think it was meant for my lips but she missed. Cute. She is also very into blowing kisses when we say goodbye to someone. Also cute. Sorry for being a baby bore this probably makes babyless people a little sick in their mouth.
She has got so good at playing, with the most unlikely of things sometimes too. She played with 4 postcards for about an hour at the weekend and she is obsessed with changing our shoes, I often end up wearing sandals when it's raining and slippers just before we go out. She is going to nursery on Thursdays and when I pick her up we are so excited to see each other, we go down to Yellowave on the beach so that she can play in the sandpit and I buy her a mini milk ice cream, a lot of it ends up down her dress or in my mouth. Yum. Last week there was a little boy there who was chasing a pigeon around in circles and she was absolutely cracking up over it. Shouting Anya Anya (what she calls me - yup) to see what he was doing. She is picking up on lots of words now too, I need to write them down but her best is night night and bye bye and flowers and Luna (more like Una) and Lola (more like Ola). She has got pretty good at going on her pot and will now walk moderately far without needing the buggy. We got a metal framed back carrier for Cornwall which she liked. She loved the garden in Linkside, the house we stay in in Cornwall. It was the best week after a couple of hard months of winter in Brighton (just as she got mobile the winter seemed to go on forever, the house was permanently trashed) we spent it in the sunshine in the garden, playing with water and running around after each other. Hoping for a summer of this too. Happy happy.


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