Friday, 27 March 2015

Isabel Marant AW15

You know the wedge trainer? Well that all started with Isabel Marant (this time around - lets not talk about Buffalos) so apparently we are all going to be wearing high waisted trousers this Autumn, as per my English teacher from 1988. Can't wait to see how the high street does it.
All these fabrics though. Love.

White Moon

Did you know we do white phases of the moon decals too?
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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Luna 16 Months

Since January Luna has got more and more interested in the world - she is a wild one, totally fearless, she never really clings on to me at playgroups or around other kids, she wants to feel and touch everything and she gets bored very fast! She has such a huge yearning to see everything and go everywhere, I have found certain times with her these past two months really tough and exhausting. Being a mother is endlessly domestic and repetitive and on the rare day when we don't have plans I find it so hard to go from morning until evening without speaking to anyone. The support of Mothers new and old has been one of the best parts of the past couple of years and I have made some incredible friends which I am so thankful for. They stop me feeling quite so insane and it's spooky how often one of us says something which the other is thinking/going through at the same time. 

I am heading back to freelance graphic design 3 days a week (let me know if you need me!) as of the end of April and although my heart literally hurts at not spending everyday with Luna I think it will be so good for her to hang out with other kids at nursery and spend some time with her Grandma and a dear friend of mine Lola (and her puppy, categorically the love of Luna's life is dogs so yeah... I think she will like this set up) and I hope it will make me a better parent in many ways because I can be so distracted when we are together. I want to work on being much more present in the time we will have together. I will get all my instagramming, vlog watching and blog reading done on my commute!

I think it took me by surprise that I have found the second year so much more challenging than the first year. I had heard the words just get through the first year and you will be ok so many times but I never struggled in the first year like I have since her tantrums, destruction of everything in her path and relentless energy and demands have picked up. It's different for everyone, something I have found out a lot too. But it being difficult is ok and although a bit of a surprise, it is a part of being a parent. Hard doesn't mean bad, in this case anyway. Plus everything is a phase right, right?! 18 months I have been promised you are a million times better! Don't tell me otherwise Mamas.

But onto the best bits of the past couple of months; Luna now says - hiya, oh dear, oh no, Eddie (constantly, this is Bertie the dog, I know perfectly logical right!?) Daddy, teddy, tummy, baby, nana (banana) Fraaa (can't quite get to the end of Frankie, 2 syllables is tricky when you are 1) row row as in your boat and does a woof woof sound for dog which I taught her but wouldn't be recognisable to anyone else! She is absolutely dog obsessed shouting Eddie every time she catches even a glimpse of a dog in the distance! Her favourite spot is on the swings in St Ann's Wells playground where the swings look out over a bit of grass where there are a lot of dogs being walked. Her 2 favourite things at once, heaven! When she breaks something, spills something or after sneezing she says ooooh in such a downbeat way it makes me laugh. She is funny. She loves putting things around her neck such as my bra or pants or fur scarf. I hear you lady, accessorising is the best! The most she ever laughs is in the bath when she is splashing like crazy or pelting us with saturated sponges. We have a new little tradition (one of the things which made me most excited about starting a family was making new traditions) that we have a candle lit bath on Sunday nights. She is always wide eyed during it. Must be quite cool the first time you see candles. And a super relaxing way to end the week. She is also super ticklish especially under her chin and is still madly obsessed with Frankie, who she quite regularly gets in a bouncer style head lock. Sadly this love continues to be unreciprocated. All in all life is pretty great and I am so excited for more of whats to come - the conversations and the learning and the summer! Man are we ready for a few warmer days to spend in the sandpit, countryside and on the beach.
And this summer i am doing it... I'm getting us Birkenstocks. I wish I could say that we are all excited about it.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Personalised Milk Bottle

Who needs a little customisable milk bottle with their name on it? I thought you did..!
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