Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Luna 23 Months

My little monkey is going to be 2 in under a month. I am LOVING this age so much. I think in retrospect January-June of this year was really challenging, that phase when they can't communicate properly but just want to explore destroy your house like their life depends on it... 
That I found utterly exhausting! Now she sits still for a little longer and can concentrate on something (she is an absolute pro at the match the shape to the picture game!) Embarrassingly since I am in charge she has developed a love for Peppa Pig and My Little Pony. She is speaking so much, asked in the park the other day - what's that racket? when someone started drilling nearby. She also calls me a cheeky little monkey which I find hysterical. She is so cuddly and happy and such a lovely little person, with the occasional road block of total determination to do something utterly random. I took her to Druscillas, which she loved and a in the lemur enclosure one of the animals jumped right over her head to her utter horror, she made a swift charge for the exit!
Some other things I have noted down this month;
She was a total angel on the flight to America, against what my aisle friend told me would happen she fell asleep half way there and slept on me for 2 hours, when she woke up she looked around and handed me a few things which were in her little cardboard bassinet, climbed in and went back to sleep for the rest of the flight! She had such a lovely time with her Granny Bunny when we were away. What a cute little pair. Her sleep adapted to US time within 2 days but it took weeks on the way back and was the catalyst to her starting to skip her lunchtime nap, which she still does every other day now. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason, she can sleep late and still nap or wake up earlier (still not that early which I am so pleased about although damn you daylight savings) and go down happily. Sometimes she just lies in her bed and chats to her teddies for a hour! 
She chats so much now, occasionally she makes sense; mama flag! sometimes it's total gobbledeegoop. 
She was doing something a month ago which made me laugh so much, when I called her name out in the house she replied 'Luna' a few seconds later. Made me cry with laughter! Why would you think to come when someone says your name unless you know that's a thing?
In Menorca on holiday she came out with; tortoise is walking. I was pretty impressed!
She was brilliant at a wedding recently after devouring a cupcake she took to the dance floor and ran around it laughing like a madwoman and hiding, sometimes behind pillars, sometimes just behind her hands. We all did it when we were little, right?!
She melts my heart when she says - cuddle meeee and has got very bossy with her orders and loves taking my hand and leading me places. 
Things she currently loves: Sarah and Lola
All her friends although she sometimes tries a little too hard to engage with them, this involves getting right in their faces and taking what toy they are holding! Actually she has got a lot better at this, but there were a few weeks where it was pretty embarrassing for me!
Her new train set
Peppa Pig
Giving me the side eye and telling me off
Wagging her finger or saying shhh with her finger by her mouth
Finding sticks and conkers etc
Eating blackberries from the bush (got very obsessed with this in the New Forest)
Franksie (how she says Frankie's name)
Sticker books, saved us when we were away and on the 5 flights she went on in September!
Dowies (dollies)
Getting cosy, under blankets
Painting and drawing
P'butter, which she asks for every morning as well as...
Juicies (see image above)
Milkies, she asks for when she is tired and wants to go to bed
This month she has discovered a love for apples and foraged her own on a few trips to Stanmer
Ice cream, can lead to a crazed fit if she sees an ice cream freezer, but isn't allowed one

Her sleeping in the past couple of weeks has got SO much better having had her in our bed May-September, she stopped going straight back to sleep when I brought her in and started thrashing around and opening our eye lids with her finger and thumb saying Mummy WAKE UP or literally trying to kick me out of the bed so we took a weekend to sort it out by doing controlled crying on the Friday night and after crying for a good few hours the first night on the second night she cried for maybe 10 minutes and then stopped, the next night she slept through and I think she has only woken one night since then and I just sat in the chair for a few minutes in her room while she went back to sleep. Ah sleep, when it is going well all is good with the world! Then you completely forget what it was like when it was bad. 
She is such a dude at the moment and I adore having chats with her, I am so proud of the little person she is becoming and I still day after day love her more and more. I am enjoying hanging out with her so much at the moment and she sits pretty well when I need to pack up orders or finish up some freelance work.
She loves books too and at the weekend when she comes in she points to the books of hers that we keep in our room and says stoweeee! She adores all the Belle & Boo books, Joe loves reading her Mr. Leon and we recently got this one, which we all love. I am waiting on the Birdie book too from the very clever Julie @dancewithdirtyfeet which we can't wait for and this is another non bedtime one she loves getting involved with.
Also... that hair! She has had a ponytail in a lot recently and she looks so grown up when she has it, it totally breaks my heart it is so beyond cute. I can't wait for plaits.

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