Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Birthday Wishlist

Yes I have a saucepan on my wishlist this year - what has happened to me?! Well I am a part time SATH (that's stay-at-home-mother for the uninitiated) so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and less no time wearing heels. Regardless of that I have some heels on here in the mild hope that I will have something to wear them to at some point in my future. Also the striped dress - I would absolutely look like a giant round humbug dressed in this but it looks so damn cool on that model. Seriously though, I would rather someone (there are only 2 people who read my blog so YOU) just put the money in a pot and take me to see the Northern Lights at some point in my life.
1. Neoflam Retro Frying Pan
2. Mr Larkin Dress
3. Elisha Marie Hammered Ring
4. Herbivore Botanics Pink Clay
5. Grown Alchemist Day Cream
6. Moheda Clog Heels
7. Green Kitchen Travels or The Green Kitchen
8. Stine Goya Sweater ~ This just arrived in my inbox from Our Daily Edit this morning and would be perfect for the season ahead. See my pinterest for further links.

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