Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Birthday Wishlist

Yes I have a saucepan on my wishlist this year - what has happened to me?! Well I am a part time SATH (that's stay-at-home-mother for the uninitiated) so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and less no time wearing heels. Regardless of that I have some heels on here in the mild hope that I will have something to wear them to at some point in my future. Also the striped dress - I would absolutely look like a giant round humbug dressed in this but it looks so damn cool on that model. Seriously though, I would rather someone (there are only 2 people who read my blog so YOU) just put the money in a pot and take me to see the Northern Lights at some point in my life.
1. Neoflam Retro Frying Pan
2. Mr Larkin Dress
3. Elisha Marie Hammered Ring
4. Herbivore Botanics Pink Clay
5. Grown Alchemist Day Cream
6. Moheda Clog Heels
7. Green Kitchen Travels or The Green Kitchen
8. Stine Goya Sweater ~ This just arrived in my inbox from Our Daily Edit this morning and would be perfect for the season ahead. See my pinterest for further links.

Luna 20 Months Old

I am so late on this but I will really regret it if I don't keep writing so here goes... I write down as much as I can when she does something new and amazing or when I have a thought on life with Luna in my phone so I think I may have to just write in list format for now.
  • She is speaking so much, it started with just a few words but she is now really trying to communicate and linking words together. Her very first sentence was - more please mama. She says Mama all the time at the moment - down mama or out please mama and even though I hear it all day it breaks my heart with how sweet it is and how much she is growing. Often I forget just how important I am to her, how I will always be her mama and how I am more comforting to her than anything else in the world.
  • We had a rain filled week with family in Austria but Luna discovered bikes and we went on lots of bike rides where she sat in the trailer behind with her cousin Eddy. She fell asleep on his shoulder and they fought like cats and dogs! Now she says bike all the time; so we got her a little bike seat to go on the front of my bike and she loves it so much she shrieks and waves at people and points things out all the time like, mama tree! mama doggy! mama swingsies!
  • We also had a beautiful week in Madeira with the Perry family with lots of time in a beautiful old mansion on the side of a hill, in the swimming pool and wandering around the lush garden. Luna was a star and got so much attention. The flight home was less then relaxing and I can't even talk about the flight back from Austria!
  • Started telling me when she needs the loo. Or when she just went.
  • Her favourite person is her Grandma and she adores her Granny Bunny, who she speaks to on Skype and Grandad Berries, Joe's Dad who brings her blueberries and raspberries every couple of weekends. She must be the most loved baby.
  • Making a fuss over getting dressed, I have to entice her by telling her who we are going to see - If you get dressed we can go and see Lola! If you get dressed we can go and see Aksel, Bertie, Jago, Sonny etc! If you get back in the bike seat we can go home and see Daddy! It works.
  • Luna came in to the shop with me at Loula & Deer and she played so happily on the floor with some toys for about an hour and a half. I thought she was going to ruin the displays but she was so good and sat in the server's chair which made everyone who came in laugh. 
  • Loves her teddies and gives them huge kisses and cuddles. She also loves the have a little bag which Granny Bunny gave her and is copying lots of what I do. It is so interesting to hear her play, impersonating me - saying no! to her dolls and speaking on the phone like I do to 'dolly'
  • ALSO she has discovered Peppa Pig and is totally in love. She asks for Pepig the second she wakes up and if she sees me going to my computer she shouts PEPIGGG! I have had to only allow her to watch it at dinner time or occasionally on a Saturday morning if I need a bit more sleep as she has started pushing me literally out of the bed saying mama up! mama out!
  • She also started saying sorry and it really made me realise how often I say it and made me think about the meaning of it. I don't want her to be a woman who apologieses for herself the whole time. When she says it it breaks my heart - sowwy mama. 
  • She is pretty scrappy and I have had to sign 2 forms at nursery when she has either been bitten or scratched. Apparently she always wins the fights, oh my god this is so reminiscent of me when I was little! But I thought that was because I had older brothers who were so scrappy. Now there is no excuse except genetics!
  • She loves the toys which my mum kept from my childhood - a Fisher Price school house and plays with them a lot. 
  • Now we can walk places without the buggy and we hold hands walking along the alleyway above our house, her little hand in mine, her body bouncing from side to side, she is so easily distracted by the doorways along the alley and flowers growing out of the cracks in the pavement.
  • We have spent a lot of the summer lying on grass and splashing in paddling pools and in sprinklers and she loves being outside. 
Motherhood is confusing in ways I hadn't expected - there is pressure coming from, I am not sure where, myself probably, to pursue my career and set an example for when Luna is older, I want her to be proud of me and I want to be creative, have an identity away from being a mother but I also want to give her everything and right now that feels like being with her as much as I can despite the financial implications and the urge to work more.