Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Spring, Is that You?

Oh sweet Spring, are you ever going to bless us with your cherry blossom, light evenings and balmy sunshine? In the meantime I will dream about my summer holiday in June, light candles and smell completely epic in Santal 33.

1. The Equilateral Soap
2. Oh Acne, every season you are perfect
3. THE top thing on my wishlist at the moment after I doused myself in Liberty over Christmas and couldn't stop sniffing my jacket for days after
4. Kevin Murphy makes products all from plant based and deliciously smelling natural products. I have been lusting after this since my hairdresser washed my hair in KM products and told me about the dry shampoo. An instant backcomb, yes please. 
5. Ah Isabel Marant, if I could have a fashion designer drip in my arm she would be my gal
6. Hopscotch make the scrummiest soy candles with hours of burn time. They are all hand poured in London and are a very reasonable price. This one is 'Fresh' and smells of lemon and basil. Mmm.
7. Nikki Stark makes the most beautiful simple stacking rings, I recently bought a silver one with a blue jewel but the gold is just so beautiful
8. Emmeline one piece, I have until June to prepare for getting into you! Ahh

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