Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Luna 1 Year Old

Oh man, so I have a one year old. How did that happen? Where has my baby gone? This little person is just so amazing, so quick and so independent (I can't believe I was complaining about separation anxiety only a matter of weeks ago) she gets on and off our bed super speedily, handles the stairs like a pro and wants to walk everywhere without holding my hand! Also she is a CLIMBER. Oh god, well I was too apparently so what did we expect. She wants to climb anything and everything and gives me regular heart attacks when I find her half way up the book shelf or balanced precariously on the step of the stool. How has that little teeny baby turned into a bigger than life person standing on the dining table when I looked away for 10 seconds?!

We had a little gathering on the Saturday before her birthday for family and her sunmother, moonmother, earthmother, starmother and her newly appointed forestfather which was so fun! On her actual birthday Granny Bunny and Joe and I took her to Druscillas Zoo which was so much fun. As my mum said we should take her back every year to see how her reactions change to the animals. It was a fab first birthday and we loved having Granny Bunny here to celebrate.

Her first proper word that I could decipher was Teddy, she also says Bertie and Frankie, or her interpretation of those words! She now has 4 teeth and suddenly seems very tall to me. My absolute favourite thing at the moment is when she goes and chooses a book and brings it to me to read her. She plonks herself down and looks at me like, come on mama! She got sooo many amazingly beautiful and brilliant books for her birthday which we are working our way through but the one she goes for the most is I Am A Bunny. The other day she was reading this on her own and I sneezed on the other side of the room and it gave her such a shock she started crying, she was so engrossed she absolutely jumped out of her skin! 

At the moment she just desperately wants to share everything with us. I have had all sorts of random objects and food shoved into my mouth. Very kind, Luna thanks. She brings me her instruments to play, the things besides books that she loves the most in the world. She got a tiny little piano from us for her birthday and a recorder and maracas and tambourine from her Grandfather, which she absolutely adores. We have been going to baby signing classes. She runs up to the lady who takes it and stands about an inch from her swaying from side to side as she sings and signs. Meanwhile the other babies can hardly see what the lady is doing but how can you stop such enthusiasm?

Also there is a little glint that has developed in her eye, she knows when she has done something naughty, oh yes. Last night I came into the bathroom and she had unravelled the entire loo roll and the second she saw me she charged at me and held it out to me with a beaming smile knowing I can hardly resist it. She also does this when I find her eating the cat food. Something which happens more often than I like to admit. She walks towards me with a big handful of it grinning - here you go mmmmm (my name)! No thanks babe. 

Ah I love her so much when she is sleeping I miss her but by bedtime I am so ready for some down time. Her bedtime has got so early now - she wakes about 6.30, goes back to sleep about 10, eats lunch at 12, sleeps about 2/3. Has dinner about 6 and then last night was in bed at 6.30 but usually 7.30 at the latest. It's become really hard to keep her up for when Joe gets back at 7.45 and this makes me so saaaaaad. I really struggle with the idea of him just seeing her at the weekends and I know he does too. Families all around the world must contend with this, right? I just thought maybe I could change her naps so that she would be up when he got back as until now he has always put her to bed. This also brings the end of our nightly shared baths (Joe did Wednesdays) because its too difficult to get out of the bath, get her out, us dressed and Luna fed and to sleep without another pair of hands so I just sit on the floor next to the bath now. We will keep doing the shared baths at the weekends I guess. 

What a huge responsibility it is comes to me randomly from time to time, she makes me want to be a better person, better mother, better girlfriend. The challenge is to keep this sweet little girl laughing and happy and her spirit alive, to keep her curiosity intact and her innocence all fresh and new for as long as we can. And oh man do I not feel worthy of that task sometimes. If you ever read this Luna moon, thanks for the best year of my life and making our little family of three so so happy.