Friday, 24 October 2014

New Season Wishlist

Why be gloomy, right?

1. Acne dream jumper
2. Totem Organic Cotton Cushion
3. Grace Lee Stackable Ring
4. Je t'aime Jane Candle 
5. Couverture and the Garb Store Rug
6. Ferm Living Basket
7. Hey Kaleido Trays 

Friday Song

So rainy and gross out there. This is keeping me cheery this Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Numbers at Violet And Percy

My A3 card numbers now available from the brilliant Violet and Percy.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Luna 11 Months

I feel a little overwhelmed writing this, this month because it has been the most amazing and also the hardest of times so far, it feels like 3 months in one. Not only is she walking, insatiably curious and an absolute joy she has also, at times, been clingy, sad and an absolutely awful sleeper. At one point I gave in and ordered a co sleeping book, then I decided there was no way, tried controlled crying, helped a bit (horrendous) then couldn't handle it and just brought her into the bed at some point in the night and didn't think about it. What has happened to my brilliant sleeper?! At the start of the month we went through the worst sleep regression yet, which was hard and exhausting, and exhaustion leads to all sorts of other not good things. 
So here is where we are; things she loves - the stairs, books (specifically her little pantone books), Frankie, eating stones, the swings, her grandmas and aunt and grandpas and uncles, shiny things, being tickled, or maybe I just like doing that, the stove fire, mobile phones, putting mobile phones or anything out through the cat flap, when Daddy comes home, Bobby Dazzler (a toy which sits on the book cupboard, she points at him and giggles) our bed, preferably between us, horizontal. Yup. Things that she does not like; being in her cot alone, awake, being in her high chair too long, being strapped in anywhere too long, this includes the ergo and the car seat, being given calpol, being shut out of the kitchen, being shut in the kitchen and being placed on the floor before she has indicated that is where she would like to go!  
What she is doing to communicate is also quite cool, she shakes her head when she is full, she points at her beaker when she wants it, she points at what she is interested in and then does an impression of someone casting a spell on something with a very serious face and five fingers extended. This freaks out about half of the people in the post office queue and especially one woman in the Hove town hall parking information waiting room. 
One thing really good is that we have cracked the food situation, I may later regret saying this when she becomes a two year old who wont eat anything green. I think her favourite foods are blueberries, olives and yogurt, sometimes I put medjool dates and a bit of cinnamon in it. She goes wild for it. At the moment she is having lots of autumnal veg, mixed with some cashew nut butter and quinoa. We dropped the 3pm feed so she is just having milk in the morning and evening and I am suspicious as to whether this has had something to do with the night waking but how can I be sure, I am sure that it was related to separation anxiety as she went through that pretty hard after our holiday to Formentera.
Anyway roll on the next season and the fireworks and pumpkins and halloween outfits! And then dare I say it - Christmas. Um what do you do with the baby vs baubles situation?

Is it Snood Season Yet?

I have been knitting since February and finally it is snood season! 
Get 50% off the small one when you bundle order an adult and child one - enter the code TEAFORTWO on my bigcartel site. You can mix colours too. 
Happy Autumn.  

Future Islands - Seasons

This song, but also THESE MOVES