Friday, 19 September 2014

Luna 10 Months

Luna took her first 6 steps on 13th September at her cousin Joshua's 3rd birthday, she walked from me to her Dad, it was great! Although she didn't really get why everyone was cheering! She has been cruising around the furniture for the past 2 months and it was just her confidence that she needed to actually do it. She is taking a few steps here and there and has learnt how to go up and down the stairs. As you can see we are ready for autumn, my favourite season, I have some Uggs and Luna has these cute little Clarkes boots which we got after having her feet measured there. I can remember this so well from when I was little with my Mum, I loved it!

She had her first soft boiled egg with toast fingers and fell fast asleep whilst eating that last week. It is her favourite food to have for dinner.

She has developed a little roar which is only mildly annoying but her laugh more than makes up for it; the best noise I have ever heard, raspy and giggly. It makes me happier than anything on earth! One way of getting her to do it is tickling her and if you do incey wincey spider up her back she never fails to find it funny. She is so nosy and happiest when she is out and watching people and won't even glance at me she is tunnel vision only for wherever there is anything interesting happening.

Another first was that her Grandfater give her a taste of his Guinness... ummm...

Off to Formentera for some sunshine tomorrow and I expect when we get back it will be autumn. As always, excited for all the beautiful autumnal coloured veg, colours of the trees, cinnamon and nutmeg hot chocolate and taking lots of walks on the downs to see the season changing. Only 8 weeks until she is 1!!!