Monday, 21 July 2014

Luna 8 Months

Enthusiasm is the word for her this month. What a total fidget she has become! She is interested in absolutely everything, never stops moving, grabbing, pulling herself up and reaching her arms to me to be picked up. Sometimes she lays her head on my shoulder when in my arms but for only a split second before she is pulling my hair and grabbing my face, laughing and then on to something else. This is a fun stage because she is sitting and when plonked down with her little friends they actually amuse themselves but it is a sign of whats ahead. Oh man are we ready?!

We recently acquired a car and on free days all I want to do in this beautiful weather is head out to the Sussex countryside to have picnics and go for walks. There is something so intrinsically linked between babies (maybe children) and nature. Both grow slowly and naturally and are pure to their core. I want to take her away from screens and distractions (I am always so easily distracted from her) and sit in the wide open calm of nature, in a place where there is beauty in every direction from the huge views across fields and farms, down to a finite perfectly formed blade of grass. Much of which ends up in Luna's mouth.

She also got a horrible cold this month and we had a few awful nights which lead to me sleeping on the floor in her room. During one of these she said mama into my chest, papa the next day, followed by baba and all sorts of other strange sounds as she now chats away in complete rubbish but with all the correct intonation. During the worst night she also managed to pull herself up into sitting and since then has almost mastered crawling, not to the point of whizzing about, she is mobile, but I can sense it is on the horizon as she has the basics down. I just think that she is the coolest little thing, sweet and joyful and finds happiness in so many things.

Her routine has improved a bit; wakes at 6.30/7 has a bottle, back to sleep at 9.30, sleeps after lunch 12.30-1.30/2, bottle at 3, dinner at 6, bath at 8, bottle 8.30 she is tired earlier no doubt due to the amount of energy exerted during her waking hours (is she definitely mine and Joe's child?!) and has stopped her afternoon nap. The week before she got ill she was sleeping through most nights but the cold has set her back and we haven't quite got back to that yet. Fingers crossed as last night she did but the night before she woke up a few times.

She is eating lots of brightly coloured things, tonight I made her a roast sweet potato and didn't puree it this time and she ate most of it with only the occasional expression of disgust. At the end of most meals she looks like a feral street child found amongst the bins. She has now eaten fish and lots of different fruit and veg, some ice cream (from her grandfather!) and is obsessed with ice lollies, lady after my own heart!

So that's her, now i just have to decide what I am doing with my life. Wide eyed look.

Oh and the dog, she loves the dog!!

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