Thursday, 24 July 2014

Birthday Wish List

It is still 6 weeks away but there are so many things on my wish list atm!

Here goes;
1. Beautiful gold anatomic Bjørg necklace. Seriously though, everything from this designer... And sorry to be a geek but the website design is so beautiful. Why aren't all sites this beautiful? Oh yeah because I can't actually find the link for the necklace. Here instead.
2. Have loved the Pia Wallén blanket for too many winters now
3. I sound like a stuck record but EVERYTHING, or anything from Aesop
4. The Thea's ~ I keep coming back to them
5. The Kinfolk Table ~ Why don't I already own this? I am sure I have tried to buy it on numerous occasions
6. A subscription to Frankie magazine so I never miss a single one, a girl can dream
7. When we went to Copenhagen for my birthday last year the Airbnb flat we were staying in had this print and then I saw it again in Stilleben (the most beautiful art shop) but I didn't buy it. Stupid me. The orange is actually a lot more neon in real life. I love it. Trine Struwe ~ Feather Studies.
8. Ace & Jig, obsessed with this brands colours and prints and cuts is an understatement. Made by 2 New Yorkers, sometimes in India, I am in love with all or any. 
9. The ever popular Hay boxes, is it possible that I am lusting after cardboard boxes? YES.

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Nomita | ebabee said...

I just stumbled across this post and your wish list could me mine! Love Frankie mag, would buy the whole Aesop range if I could, Hay stationery is so beautiful and really like Pia Wallen's simple, clean aesthetic. Great wish list!