Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Luna 7 Months

My little Luna lu is suddenly not so little! This month she has changed so much. She kind of went out first and then got longer. She is absolutely scrumptious and soft and squidgy and beams at anyone who pays her attention - everyone comments on what a happy, smiley baby she is - we are just totally in love. She is sitting up on her own now like a little pro and the first stages of crawling are on the horizon although I am not encouraging it too much! Her hair has grown lots in the past month as we have been to France twice and I think it grows in the sunshine. Her eyes are still bright blue and I am afraid the hair is strawberry blonde. Sorry little lady that is my fault! 

So I guess the main thing is food. Our most favourite way to wile away the afternoon is in the back yard sharing a peach, plum or apricot. She loves these tangy fruits and they are in season. She absolutely hates avocado still, I will persevere! She didn't much enjoy the lentil puree I gave her this evening either. She prefers fruit but actually did a good job with some French Legumes de jardin - carrot and potato mainly I think in France. In France they don't tart up the baby food with fruit they have ones with just veg. Ella's Kitchen is a favourite for a reason!

Boring bit - she usually wakes up about 5.30 and comes into our room where she sleeps until half seven, wakes up and has a bottle, then plays for a couple of hours and then back to sleep for 45 mins to an hour. She eats lunch at 12 which is THE messiest half an hour of both our lives, how does she get it on the back of her head, my face, in my hair, all over the table, the carpet, up her nose and in her thigh creases? I am trying to get her to then have a 2 hour nap at lunch but more often than not she wakes up about an hour in and then needs another kip a bit later. At 3 she has a bottle and then 6 is dinner which is another catastrophic mess. She baths about 8 and goes to sleep at 8.30. She wakes up a few times in the night usually but doesn't want anything, more often than not just because she has got herself in a weird position and needs to be put back lengthways in the cot (!).

She is babbling a bit now and I swear I have heard mamamama but maybe I just imagined it. She is a total fidget and as nosy as can be. I feel so excited for the next month. It is just getting better and better! Ah, love!

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Marissa Cox said...

She is just too cute Clara! Keep the photos coming ;)