Sunday, 15 June 2014

3-6 Month Must Haves

Soo we have sped through from three to six months and all the above I could not have lived without.
1. She has only just started really interacting with her toys (meaning put them in her mouth and throw them on the floor) and she is already bored of most of them. She loved this Miffy rattle which was on my nappy cake at my baby shower - thanks Laura!
2. French Children Don't Throw Food - Pamela Druckerman. This book is brilllllliant. There has been a lot of discussion about whether to read guidance books, whether to take advice, if it is just better to tune it all out and listen to your intuition... Mmmmm. Anyway this is Pamela Druckerman who moved to Paris and brought up her three children there. It is autobiographical, which for a start means that it isn't preaching about right and wrong methods, she is as confused as the rest of us but she simply explains how different Anglophile parenting is to French parenting *no mother's guilt for one!*. 
Also she is laugh-out-loud funny.
3. Luna slept in this from the moment we moved her into the cot at about 4 months. The design is awesome and it is so soft and gorgeous. I love Noe and Zoe, a Berlin based brand.
4. Ashton and Parsons is a homeopathic tincture for teething babies which really helped Luna when her gums were giving her gip. Not getting it on her cheek or up her nose was a challenge however.
5. When Luna went into her own room at 5 months we had to close her bedroom door because we were worried that Frankie the cat might get into her cot and like, sit on her face or something, so this gave me such peace of mind to know that she was at the right temperature and breathing! I know, prangy new parent.
6. & 7. When her teeth starting pushing up she got the most awful nappy rash, apparently from swallowing so much and it being very acidic. I tried so many different nappy rash creams and this was the only combination which worked > Water Wipes and Metanium - this is thick and yellow, stains everything and stinks but it works and if that means no bleeding little bum cheeks then that seems like a small price to pay.
8. If you don't know what this is maybe refrain from finding out. Luna got a cold in Cornwall on holiday, this made everything almost better because she could actually breathe again.
9. For those few months heading from Winter into Spring Luna lived in leggings; these ones from one of my favourite print designers Thief and Bandit are made from organic cotton and are all hand printed in Nova Scotia. So soft and gorgeous.
10. So finally Luna decided she liked being carted about. This was her chosen chariot. The Quinny, found it on gumtree, looked brand new for half the price, brilliant. It has 3 wheels, unlike a lot of prams and has inner tyres in the back wheels which means that it feels light and bounces over bumps, curbs and uneven ground beautifully. It is however ridiculously wide and I have accidentally taken out the Achilles tendon of numerous innocent bystanders. Oops. 
I just turned her around so she is facing forward instead of at me, which she adores. Heart break!   

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