Monday, 14 April 2014

The 1st 3 Months

These things are all so familiar to me because I used them everyday for the past three months.
Luna is out of her moses basket and into her cot in her own room now. Sob and rejoice simultaneously!
1. This Little Hip Squeaks blanket came everywhere with us. We used it as a swaddle, as a blanket, as a mopper upper. Gorgeous print and so soft.
2. Ahh Sophie, who doesn't have a Sophie, she has started sucking this hell for leather since her gums began hurting.
3. The Baby Bjorn bouncer allowed me bits of time with free arms and she was blissfully happy in it.
4. Ewan the dream sheep, this is an instant sleep association for Luna. (The front right leg plays a song which for ever more will remind me of settling her to sleep)
5. I wanted her close to me to begin with and she never really took to the buggy bassinet so I carried her most places to start with. The Ergo is the only carrier which has been ok'd by the Hip Dysplasia Association and it's so comfortable to carry little ones in. Joe also carried her so this was great.
6. Miffy bath bubbles, made our baths so much fun.
7. This DVD is a must and I wish that I had watched it before she arrived. He is a nutter but the 5 S's work!
8. Ahh her Moses basket with a little rocker stand. Everytime she snuffled at night I would gently rock her back to sleep.
9. Munchkin nappy pail, perfect for keeping odours contained.
10. The Kanken, perfect nappy bag size wise and not too girly if Joe took her out. The central clip on the handles also now does up over the pram handle, which is genius.

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Anonymous said...

Due in June, great tips & great blog. I will have to invest in a Munchkin nappy disposal system. x