Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Luna 3 Months

Luna is 3 months old. She is turning into such a proper little person. I love her so much sometimes I feel like my heart might explode. This has been the best month yet. She loves LOVES the bath and if she is ever fussy in the evenings that's where we will end up. Frankie joins us, not actually in the bath but on the side and she stares at him with huge wide blue eyes as she jigs about wondering what this big ball of black and white fluff is. This and the weekend mornings in bed are our favourite times. Along with the start of a giggle when I cover her face with kisses and her conversations with Papa, which sound like them repeating French vowels to each other.

Baby massage classes have finished but we have a little routine down now, Monday was baby massage, now a class called mindful mamas (AA for Mum's), Tuesdays are our NCT meet ups, Wednesday is the big scream which is orange wednesday 241 cinema, we saw The Wolf of Wall street (um starts with Leo sniffing coke off a prostitutes bum, I covered Luna's eyes despite her not knowing what debauchery she was viewing) and The Dallas Buyers Club and today is the Monument Men, Thursdays are baby yoga and then lunch with yoga friends and Fridays are the only free weekday where we try and see friends from London or go on a little adventure. In between all this I am managing to do a little bit of work, with her balanced on my lap at my computer! Life is pretty full but really the best, most happiest I have ever been and I never want this bit to end. Of course there are times in the night when I can't sleep because I know she might wake up any minute and need feeding or when she pukes all over me and I probably smell like baby sick the majority of the time, will never eat green pesto again (bottle feeding mamas, you know what I mean) and I look about ten years older than I did in September but it's all worth it times a bajillion.

Frankie obviously had to be in all the pictures.
Oh also, she had her immunisations last week after I to'd and fro'd about whether to have them or not.
It was horrible.

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