Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Luna 1 Year Old

Oh man, so I have a one year old. How did that happen? Where has my baby gone? This little person is just so amazing, so quick and so independent (I can't believe I was complaining about separation anxiety only a matter of weeks ago) she gets on and off our bed super speedily, handles the stairs like a pro and wants to walk everywhere without holding my hand! Also she is a CLIMBER. Oh god, well I was too apparently so what did we expect. She wants to climb anything and everything and gives me regular heart attacks when I find her half way up the book shelf or balanced precariously on the step of the stool. How has that little teeny baby turned into a bigger than life person standing on the dining table when I looked away for 10 seconds?!

We had a little gathering on the Saturday before her birthday for family and her sunmother, moonmother, earthmother, starmother and her newly appointed forestfather which was so fun! On her actual birthday Granny Bunny and Joe and I took her to Druscillas Zoo which was so much fun. As my mum said we should take her back every year to see how her reactions change to the animals. It was a fab first birthday and we loved having Granny Bunny here to celebrate.

Her first proper word that I could decipher was Teddy, she also says Bertie and Frankie, or her interpretation of those words! She now has 4 teeth and suddenly seems very tall to me. My absolute favourite thing at the moment is when she goes and chooses a book and brings it to me to read her. She plonks herself down and looks at me like, come on mama! She got sooo many amazingly beautiful and brilliant books for her birthday which we are working our way through but the one she goes for the most is I Am A Bunny. The other day she was reading this on her own and I sneezed on the other side of the room and it gave her such a shock she started crying, she was so engrossed she absolutely jumped out of her skin! 

At the moment she just desperately wants to share everything with us. I have had all sorts of random objects and food shoved into my mouth. Very kind, Luna thanks. She brings me her instruments to play, the things besides books that she loves the most in the world. She got a tiny little piano from us for her birthday and a recorder and maracas and tambourine from her Grandfather, which she absolutely adores. We have been going to baby signing classes. She runs up to the lady who takes it and stands about an inch from her swaying from side to side as she sings and signs. Meanwhile the other babies can hardly see what the lady is doing but how can you stop such enthusiasm?

Also there is a little glint that has developed in her eye, she knows when she has done something naughty, oh yes. Last night I came into the bathroom and she had unravelled the entire loo roll and the second she saw me she charged at me and held it out to me with a beaming smile knowing I can hardly resist it. She also does this when I find her eating the cat food. Something which happens more often than I like to admit. She walks towards me with a big handful of it grinning - here you go mmmmm (my name)! No thanks babe. 

Ah I love her so much when she is sleeping I miss her but by bedtime I am so ready for some down time. Her bedtime has got so early now - she wakes about 6.30, goes back to sleep about 10, eats lunch at 12, sleeps about 2/3. Has dinner about 6 and then last night was in bed at 6.30 but usually 7.30 at the latest. It's become really hard to keep her up for when Joe gets back at 7.45 and this makes me so saaaaaad. I really struggle with the idea of him just seeing her at the weekends and I know he does too. Families all around the world must contend with this, right? I just thought maybe I could change her naps so that she would be up when he got back as until now he has always put her to bed. This also brings the end of our nightly shared baths (Joe did Wednesdays) because its too difficult to get out of the bath, get her out, us dressed and Luna fed and to sleep without another pair of hands so I just sit on the floor next to the bath now. We will keep doing the shared baths at the weekends I guess. 

What a huge responsibility it is comes to me randomly from time to time, she makes me want to be a better person, better mother, better girlfriend. The challenge is to keep this sweet little girl laughing and happy and her spirit alive, to keep her curiosity intact and her innocence all fresh and new for as long as we can. And oh man do I not feel worthy of that task sometimes. If you ever read this Luna moon, thanks for the best year of my life and making our little family of three so so happy.

Friday, 24 October 2014

New Season Wishlist

Why be gloomy, right?

1. Acne dream jumper
2. Totem Organic Cotton Cushion
3. Grace Lee Stackable Ring
4. Je t'aime Jane Candle 
5. Couverture and the Garb Store Rug
6. Ferm Living Basket
7. Hey Kaleido Trays 

Friday Song

So rainy and gross out there. This is keeping me cheery this Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Numbers at Violet And Percy

My A3 card numbers now available from the brilliant Violet and Percy.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Luna 11 Months

I feel a little overwhelmed writing this, this month because it has been the most amazing and also the hardest of times so far, it feels like 3 months in one. Not only is she walking, insatiably curious and an absolute joy she has also, at times, been clingy, sad and an absolutely awful sleeper. At one point I gave in and ordered a co sleeping book, then I decided there was no way, tried controlled crying, helped a bit (horrendous) then couldn't handle it and just brought her into the bed at some point in the night and didn't think about it. What has happened to my brilliant sleeper?! At the start of the month we went through the worst sleep regression yet, which was hard and exhausting, and exhaustion leads to all sorts of other not good things. 
So here is where we are; things she loves - the stairs, books (specifically her little pantone books), Frankie, eating stones, the swings, her grandmas and aunt and grandpas and uncles, shiny things, being tickled, or maybe I just like doing that, the stove fire, mobile phones, putting mobile phones or anything out through the cat flap, when Daddy comes home, Bobby Dazzler (a toy which sits on the book cupboard, she points at him and giggles) our bed, preferably between us, horizontal. Yup. Things that she does not like; being in her cot alone, awake, being in her high chair too long, being strapped in anywhere too long, this includes the ergo and the car seat, being given calpol, being shut out of the kitchen, being shut in the kitchen and being placed on the floor before she has indicated that is where she would like to go!  
What she is doing to communicate is also quite cool, she shakes her head when she is full, she points at her beaker when she wants it, she points at what she is interested in and then does an impression of someone casting a spell on something with a very serious face and five fingers extended. This freaks out about half of the people in the post office queue and especially one woman in the Hove town hall parking information waiting room. 
One thing really good is that we have cracked the food situation, I may later regret saying this when she becomes a two year old who wont eat anything green. I think her favourite foods are blueberries, olives and yogurt, sometimes I put medjool dates and a bit of cinnamon in it. She goes wild for it. At the moment she is having lots of autumnal veg, mixed with some cashew nut butter and quinoa. We dropped the 3pm feed so she is just having milk in the morning and evening and I am suspicious as to whether this has had something to do with the night waking but how can I be sure, I am sure that it was related to separation anxiety as she went through that pretty hard after our holiday to Formentera.
Anyway roll on the next season and the fireworks and pumpkins and halloween outfits! And then dare I say it - Christmas. Um what do you do with the baby vs baubles situation?

Is it Snood Season Yet?

I have been knitting since February and finally it is snood season! 
Get 50% off the small one when you bundle order an adult and child one - enter the code TEAFORTWO on my bigcartel site. You can mix colours too. 
Happy Autumn.  

Future Islands - Seasons

This song, but also THESE MOVES

Friday, 19 September 2014

Luna 10 Months

Luna took her first 6 steps on 13th September at her cousin Joshua's 3rd birthday, she walked from me to her Dad, it was great! Although she didn't really get why everyone was cheering! She has been cruising around the furniture for the past 2 months and it was just her confidence that she needed to actually do it. She is taking a few steps here and there and has learnt how to go up and down the stairs. As you can see we are ready for autumn, my favourite season, I have some Uggs and Luna has these cute little Clarkes boots which we got after having her feet measured there. I can remember this so well from when I was little with my Mum, I loved it!

She had her first soft boiled egg with toast fingers and fell fast asleep whilst eating that last week. It is her favourite food to have for dinner.

She has developed a little roar which is only mildly annoying but her laugh more than makes up for it; the best noise I have ever heard, raspy and giggly. It makes me happier than anything on earth! One way of getting her to do it is tickling her and if you do incey wincey spider up her back she never fails to find it funny. She is so nosy and happiest when she is out and watching people and won't even glance at me she is tunnel vision only for wherever there is anything interesting happening.

Another first was that her Grandfater give her a taste of his Guinness... ummm...

Off to Formentera for some sunshine tomorrow and I expect when we get back it will be autumn. As always, excited for all the beautiful autumnal coloured veg, colours of the trees, cinnamon and nutmeg hot chocolate and taking lots of walks on the downs to see the season changing. Only 8 weeks until she is 1!!!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Erin Featherstone

EF Resort dreams...

Friday, 22 August 2014


Kinfolk Saturdays: Making Lavender Vanilla Soda from Kinfolk.

So in love with anything and everything Carissa and Andrew Gallo touch. See more here.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Luna 9 Months

So... little Luna loo has now been in the world for as long as she was all nice and protected inside me. She is pretty hardy and banging her head constantly! I can't protect her from doorframes and walls and she is very keen to be standing up as much as possible, holding on. She is crawling around under my feet right now and her inquisitiveness about the world knows absolutely no bounds! Once she has been in a room for ten minutes it resembles scenes akin to post hurricane Katrina footage, everything within reach is scattered, pulled over and turned upside down. She is mad about metal and has been found sucking on the buckles of my boots and the legs of the armchair. Even though she is super independent and not a needy baby at all, I am her personal climbing frame as you can see in these pictures and she likes to press her hands to her mouth and let out a series of Red Indian inspired noises - she really is so cool! I taught her to climb the stairs and she is an absolute pro at going up, not quite as good at going down but we are practising every day.

She has two teeth! But won't let me anywhere near them with a toothbrush!
And how cool is this fur coat all the way from my Auntie Dedi in California? 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sussex Prairie Gardens

What a heavenly place - the Sussex Prairies. Hear about them here.

Birthday Wish List

It is still 6 weeks away but there are so many things on my wish list atm!

Here goes;
1. Beautiful gold anatomic Bjørg necklace. Seriously though, everything from this designer... And sorry to be a geek but the website design is so beautiful. Why aren't all sites this beautiful? Oh yeah because I can't actually find the link for the necklace. Here instead.
2. Have loved the Pia Wallén blanket for too many winters now
3. I sound like a stuck record but EVERYTHING, or anything from Aesop
4. The Thea's ~ I keep coming back to them
5. The Kinfolk Table ~ Why don't I already own this? I am sure I have tried to buy it on numerous occasions
6. A subscription to Frankie magazine so I never miss a single one, a girl can dream
7. When we went to Copenhagen for my birthday last year the Airbnb flat we were staying in had this print and then I saw it again in Stilleben (the most beautiful art shop) but I didn't buy it. Stupid me. The orange is actually a lot more neon in real life. I love it. Trine Struwe ~ Feather Studies.
8. Ace & Jig, obsessed with this brands colours and prints and cuts is an understatement. Made by 2 New Yorkers, sometimes in India, I am in love with all or any. 
9. The ever popular Hay boxes, is it possible that I am lusting after cardboard boxes? YES.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Luna 8 Months

Enthusiasm is the word for her this month. What a total fidget she has become! She is interested in absolutely everything, never stops moving, grabbing, pulling herself up and reaching her arms to me to be picked up. Sometimes she lays her head on my shoulder when in my arms but for only a split second before she is pulling my hair and grabbing my face, laughing and then on to something else. This is a fun stage because she is sitting and when plonked down with her little friends they actually amuse themselves but it is a sign of whats ahead. Oh man are we ready?!

We recently acquired a car and on free days all I want to do in this beautiful weather is head out to the Sussex countryside to have picnics and go for walks. There is something so intrinsically linked between babies (maybe children) and nature. Both grow slowly and naturally and are pure to their core. I want to take her away from screens and distractions (I am always so easily distracted from her) and sit in the wide open calm of nature, in a place where there is beauty in every direction from the huge views across fields and farms, down to a finite perfectly formed blade of grass. Much of which ends up in Luna's mouth.

She also got a horrible cold this month and we had a few awful nights which lead to me sleeping on the floor in her room. During one of these she said mama into my chest, papa the next day, followed by baba and all sorts of other strange sounds as she now chats away in complete rubbish but with all the correct intonation. During the worst night she also managed to pull herself up into sitting and since then has almost mastered crawling, not to the point of whizzing about, she is mobile, but I can sense it is on the horizon as she has the basics down. I just think that she is the coolest little thing, sweet and joyful and finds happiness in so many things.

Her routine has improved a bit; wakes at 6.30/7 has a bottle, back to sleep at 9.30, sleeps after lunch 12.30-1.30/2, bottle at 3, dinner at 6, bath at 8, bottle 8.30 she is tired earlier no doubt due to the amount of energy exerted during her waking hours (is she definitely mine and Joe's child?!) and has stopped her afternoon nap. The week before she got ill she was sleeping through most nights but the cold has set her back and we haven't quite got back to that yet. Fingers crossed as last night she did but the night before she woke up a few times.

She is eating lots of brightly coloured things, tonight I made her a roast sweet potato and didn't puree it this time and she ate most of it with only the occasional expression of disgust. At the end of most meals she looks like a feral street child found amongst the bins. She has now eaten fish and lots of different fruit and veg, some ice cream (from her grandfather!) and is obsessed with ice lollies, lady after my own heart!

So that's her, now i just have to decide what I am doing with my life. Wide eyed look.

Oh and the dog, she loves the dog!!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Luna 7 Months

My little Luna lu is suddenly not so little! This month she has changed so much. She kind of went out first and then got longer. She is absolutely scrumptious and soft and squidgy and beams at anyone who pays her attention - everyone comments on what a happy, smiley baby she is - we are just totally in love. She is sitting up on her own now like a little pro and the first stages of crawling are on the horizon although I am not encouraging it too much! Her hair has grown lots in the past month as we have been to France twice and I think it grows in the sunshine. Her eyes are still bright blue and I am afraid the hair is strawberry blonde. Sorry little lady that is my fault! 

So I guess the main thing is food. Our most favourite way to wile away the afternoon is in the back yard sharing a peach, plum or apricot. She loves these tangy fruits and they are in season. She absolutely hates avocado still, I will persevere! She didn't much enjoy the lentil puree I gave her this evening either. She prefers fruit but actually did a good job with some French Legumes de jardin - carrot and potato mainly I think in France. In France they don't tart up the baby food with fruit they have ones with just veg. Ella's Kitchen is a favourite for a reason!

Boring bit - she usually wakes up about 5.30 and comes into our room where she sleeps until half seven, wakes up and has a bottle, then plays for a couple of hours and then back to sleep for 45 mins to an hour. She eats lunch at 12 which is THE messiest half an hour of both our lives, how does she get it on the back of her head, my face, in my hair, all over the table, the carpet, up her nose and in her thigh creases? I am trying to get her to then have a 2 hour nap at lunch but more often than not she wakes up about an hour in and then needs another kip a bit later. At 3 she has a bottle and then 6 is dinner which is another catastrophic mess. She baths about 8 and goes to sleep at 8.30. She wakes up a few times in the night usually but doesn't want anything, more often than not just because she has got herself in a weird position and needs to be put back lengthways in the cot (!).

She is babbling a bit now and I swear I have heard mamamama but maybe I just imagined it. She is a total fidget and as nosy as can be. I feel so excited for the next month. It is just getting better and better! Ah, love!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

3-6 Month Must Haves

Soo we have sped through from three to six months and all the above I could not have lived without.
1. She has only just started really interacting with her toys (meaning put them in her mouth and throw them on the floor) and she is already bored of most of them. She loved this Miffy rattle which was on my nappy cake at my baby shower - thanks Laura!
2. French Children Don't Throw Food - Pamela Druckerman. This book is brilllllliant. There has been a lot of discussion about whether to read guidance books, whether to take advice, if it is just better to tune it all out and listen to your intuition... Mmmmm. Anyway this is Pamela Druckerman who moved to Paris and brought up her three children there. It is autobiographical, which for a start means that it isn't preaching about right and wrong methods, she is as confused as the rest of us but she simply explains how different Anglophile parenting is to French parenting *no mother's guilt for one!*. 
Also she is laugh-out-loud funny.
3. Luna slept in this from the moment we moved her into the cot at about 4 months. The design is awesome and it is so soft and gorgeous. I love Noe and Zoe, a Berlin based brand.
4. Ashton and Parsons is a homeopathic tincture for teething babies which really helped Luna when her gums were giving her gip. Not getting it on her cheek or up her nose was a challenge however.
5. When Luna went into her own room at 5 months we had to close her bedroom door because we were worried that Frankie the cat might get into her cot and like, sit on her face or something, so this gave me such peace of mind to know that she was at the right temperature and breathing! I know, prangy new parent.
6. & 7. When her teeth starting pushing up she got the most awful nappy rash, apparently from swallowing so much and it being very acidic. I tried so many different nappy rash creams and this was the only combination which worked > Water Wipes and Metanium - this is thick and yellow, stains everything and stinks but it works and if that means no bleeding little bum cheeks then that seems like a small price to pay.
8. If you don't know what this is maybe refrain from finding out. Luna got a cold in Cornwall on holiday, this made everything almost better because she could actually breathe again.
9. For those few months heading from Winter into Spring Luna lived in leggings; these ones from one of my favourite print designers Thief and Bandit are made from organic cotton and are all hand printed in Nova Scotia. So soft and gorgeous.
10. So finally Luna decided she liked being carted about. This was her chosen chariot. The Quinny, found it on gumtree, looked brand new for half the price, brilliant. It has 3 wheels, unlike a lot of prams and has inner tyres in the back wheels which means that it feels light and bounces over bumps, curbs and uneven ground beautifully. It is however ridiculously wide and I have accidentally taken out the Achilles tendon of numerous innocent bystanders. Oops. 
I just turned her around so she is facing forward instead of at me, which she adores. Heart break!   

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sharon Van Etten And Alvvays

Can't stop listening to these - they will always remind me so much of the start of summer 14. Lovvve.

Monday, 9 June 2014


This little monkey was up having a party at 2am... 
How can you be angry with that face though?

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Luna Half a Year

My little Luna moon is half a year old and shines a little brighter every day. I can't believe it all really. I feel like I am going to blink and she will be 18. I never want this time in our lives to pass. The past 6 months have been the very best of my life and I am so grateful.

Soooo, Luna is no longer a new born. The intoxication of a little person who is brand new has gone.  She is a proper squishy robust little cherub baby who is growing up super fast. Giggling and smiling her way towards toddler-dom. This past month she has really started rolling over, sitting up, reaching for everything and pushing it on the floor, including but not limited to mugs, cups, plates, her toys, her food and my phone. She has started wriggling a lot and is a nosy little lady. Her new absolute favourite thing is her door bouncer. Finally I have my arms to do a bit of work and she is blissfully happy bouncing for really long stretches of time. Good for both of us.

Baby bore stuff (for me to remember): She sleeps at about nine and wakes a few times in the night before starting the day snuggled up in our bed. Then goes back to sleep an hour or so into the day, wakes and has a play and then will need a couple of hours kip midday until about 5 or 6 when she has another hour. She then has a bath between 8-9 and falls asleep on our bed before one last feed and into her cot in her room.

Oh and purée; lots of purée and a few sticks of broccoli, carrot and biscuit.

For me the adrenaline from having a baby has finally worn off and the cortisol has been wearing me down this past month. It isn't good for your bones or your immune system and I started feeling pretty run down and frazzled. I feel like the high has subsided. The reality that there is life after having a baby is slowly dawning. It isn't a bad thing. Yoga, an intense course of Floradix and this amazing sunshine has definitely brought me back up and although I'm tired I'm still so happy.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Claraivy Bigcartel

My shop is open. Check it out here. I have put loads into getting this up and running and I am already overwhelmed at the amount of orders this week. So happy!