Monday, 30 September 2013

32 Weeks

I have a stretch mark! Infact I have 2! They are only about an inch long, on the left under side (where she always sits) and I can't even see them myself, just in the mirror - but they are definitely there. I don't know why they have come as such a shock to me. Well I do know; because I had told myself that there was no way I was getting any. My friend Alice didn't get any, my Mum never got any visible ones, I bought the most expensive/best recommended pregnancy bump oil on the market and Joe and I have religiously put it on every single night. This wasn't meant to happen!
I have loved pregnancy, every crazy, magical minute of it since the nausea and sickness wore off at 11 weeks but for some reason this has really thrown me. How naive of me to think I would get away with it but I really did believe that I would! I know I should be so proud of them, I am growing and nurturing a baby, inside my body, until she is ready to exist outside of me, it is truly incredible and I am truly, truly thankful for everything my body has taken in it's stride so far, but I am still finding it hard to process that these will never go away, I will have them until I die. All the Mamas with stretch marks claim that they are your Mama tiger markings but I think because I hadn't expected it at all, it is taking me a while to get used to the idea that over the next 8 weeks there may well be more. I have to keep reminding myself that it is so worth it, stretch marks and so so much more. 
Nirrimi, one of the most amazing, inspiring Mama/photographer/writers wrote something beautiful about hers here and instagrammed her beautiful stomach here. And this brilliant lady rapped about hers in the proudest way possible. The words are here. You ladies rock.

Isabel Marant SS14

Nothing less than what I expected,  little more in a way but solid Isabel Marant rehashing her classics, blazers, cut offs, girly tops; feminine yet strong. 
I can't wait for the IM x H&M collab the leaked pictures are sooo perfect.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

31 Weeks

This week the main aim has been to totally chill out and it has been lovely. This little puppy has added to that loveliness! I mean, just ridiculously cute. The other cute thing is my new iPhone cover. It's Fifi Lapin! How great is it. You can get it here. Check out their other cases aswell. It was a tough choice between the outfits and Fifi rocking her cupcake dress.
Frankie crept into my photo but his ears disappear against my dress. Eery!

Iconemesis kindly sent me this cover. 
Check out their site here they have free UK shipping!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ryan Lo - Fashion East

Inspired by, check it out, Sylvanian families and women preparing to be home makers, possibly in the 70's judging by the all the crochet! 

Corby Tindersticks

Corby Tindersticks makes the cutest plush toys! And now they are making babygrows too. Yay.
Check them out here.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Topshop Unique SS14

Hello moody colours for Spring - I love you! I liked the write up from Style below; throw your bras out girls.
The Topshop runway featured acres of naked back, with particular repetition of nineties-ish spaghetti-strap sundresses that dove low, low, low down the spine. Elsewhere, the nineties theme played out in a few other ways, such as the big low-slung jeans with a raw look and a gigantic cuff, and the prevalent suede and gaudy print, both of which evoked the seventies as they were reinterpreted two decades later. Fashion is a hall of mirrors, indeed...
...It's going to be a long summer, girls with tits.

Copenhagen on Instagram

1. We stayed in an awesome Norrebro flat
2. Cutest neighbourhood street - Jægersborggade
3. The Acne Archive 
4. We had an amazing 7 course taster dinner at Manfreds - I really recommend it!
5. Swans and the lakes 
6. Stillben was a huge inspiration
7. Vesterbro 
8. We went to Ruby's for cocktails (Joe) and pamplemousse (me!)
9. Nyhavn
10. We spent the last day in the Assistens Cemetery while we waited to go and catch our flight home, it was the perfect chilled out end to the weekend. I wrote this on my phone: 

Lieing in the sunshine in the cemetery watching red squirrels scamp about with acorns in their mouths, white butterflies float amongst the graves, listening to the wind in the trees and the wood pigeons chant away. Next to me is a beautiful lime green and brown stripped dragonfly dieing on the grass and the maze of strings on its delicate wings glint in the sunshine. The first of the Autumnal leaves are being shook to the ground despite the heat of the sun. Ah nature, you are too awesome. Joe just woke from having a snooze. He had a dream about planting an oak tree and watching it grow over ten years time. 
I think it may have been about the baby.

Just Because...'s beautiful.
Looking forward to some autumnal/winter skies on Brighton beach again this year. Thinking about this one.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Margherita Missoni

Margherita Missoni has just had little baby Otto - I loved seeing her instagram on the run up to his arrival. Check it out here. Otto was named after Margherita's Grandfather who was one of the founders of the brand. Their family has had the most awful year after the death of Ottavio and then more of the family in a plane crash on the way to Venezuela. The plane went missing in January and was eventually found in deep water in June. 
Otto makes the 4th generation of Missoni's. Otto means 8.

Beau Loves AW13

I mean... just plain cool isn't it!?

Monday, 16 September 2013

30 Weeks!

Well, what a crazy week! Joe and I both turned 30. Me on the Monday leading up to being 30 weeks pregnant and Joe on the exact day. Awesome symmetry, huh?!
We got so many flowers and presents (for us and for the baby) this weekend and our little house is packed full of exciting new things. Everything feels new at the moment. 
10 weeks to go!! TEN WEEKS and then everything will be even more new and exciting, oh wow.
I can't lie all the celebrating has left me totally shattered, I slept for 11 hours last night, but I plan on looking after myself this week, lots of yoga, swimming, some reflexology, making nice food (once the cake is finished), enjoying that strange feeling at this time of the year when you can sense the season is changing. Hi Autumn! Thanks for the blue blue sky today, at least. 
There was also some bad news this week and as well as being happy and excited I am sending lots of love and wishes to people who aren't well. Life is short and special and seems even more so at times like these.
Love a lot x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Like Mother Like Daughter


The face of D&G Bianca Balti with her daughter Mathilde
Photography by Martin Parr

Vogue October 2013

Georgia May Jagger in the October 2013 edition of Vogue
~ love