Monday, 11 November 2013

Pregnancy Must Haves

All of the things on this list I really couldn't have lived without over the past 9 months. 

1. This was such a good read - not only is Jools amazingly honest (as is the name of the book) but she is light hearted and funny and at the same time so passionate about being a Mother. Whenever anything got a bit serious or scary I would read bits of this and it always made me laugh and feel ten times happier.
2. Lush bath bombs and bubble bars, I adore you. And I adore my dearest of dear friends Katy who gave me the most generous amount for my birthday.
3. I couldn't have walked about 10 miles a day around Copenhagen at 7 months pregnant without these bad boys. Not to mention from mine to the sea in Brighton and up and down all the hills this summer. They also almost completely got rid of my sciatica which was almost a real problem in my pregnancy until I ditched the flip flops. I want ten pairs more for pushing strollers around town this winter!
4. Dream Genii, you held me in place so many nights when I would have otherwise ended up on my right side/back/front.
5. Miso soup in the first trimester, nothing compares to how that settled my stomach every morning when I dry wretched my way from Brighton to London.
6. ACID! This saved me from beating my chest black and blue when I got awful heartburn in the final trimester. M&S does the best one, the milk tastes amazing and its less than 2% fat. This was a major craving throughout the whole nine months too. I hardly had any calcium in my diet before I got pregnant so I think my body needed it in abundance to make the baby healthy. I wonder if she will have a love for chocolate milk!
7. This Goji Tarocco Orange candle from Anthropologie smells so fresh and wonderfully citrusy, I burnt it almost every night in that first trimester when most other smells made my stomach turn.
8. Write it all down! Once baby brain sets in you can hardly remember your last name and I am so glad that I have documented the past 9 wonderful months. They have been truly great and I hope my random scribbles and weekly bump posts mean that I never forget them.

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