Sunday, 27 October 2013

36 Weeks

Bowling ball belly! So, the little lady is back to back (as in my back) like a little insect with her legs in the air, which means no more nice reclining on the sofa; birthing ball and all fours infront of the TV and sitting like MC Hammer on a chair backwards, allll the way. Well, for the next 4 weeks, turn little lady turn! 
This isn't very exciting but today Joe and I bought nappies. Arghhhh actual nappies, 75 of them! I feel hot just mentioning it. This has made it very very real. I have only changed ONE nappy in my whole life, how long until I am a pro?! This past week we had Bertie to stay for half term, the first night he did 3 poos, the second 5 poos! And started crying (howling) at 4 in the morning. Oh the irony, the practise! 

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