Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Copenhagen on Instagram

1. We stayed in an awesome Norrebro flat
2. Cutest neighbourhood street - Jægersborggade
3. The Acne Archive 
4. We had an amazing 7 course taster dinner at Manfreds - I really recommend it!
5. Swans and the lakes 
6. Stillben was a huge inspiration
7. Vesterbro 
8. We went to Ruby's for cocktails (Joe) and pamplemousse (me!)
9. Nyhavn
10. We spent the last day in the Assistens Cemetery while we waited to go and catch our flight home, it was the perfect chilled out end to the weekend. I wrote this on my phone: 

Lieing in the sunshine in the cemetery watching red squirrels scamp about with acorns in their mouths, white butterflies float amongst the graves, listening to the wind in the trees and the wood pigeons chant away. Next to me is a beautiful lime green and brown stripped dragonfly dieing on the grass and the maze of strings on its delicate wings glint in the sunshine. The first of the Autumnal leaves are being shook to the ground despite the heat of the sun. Ah nature, you are too awesome. Joe just woke from having a snooze. He had a dream about planting an oak tree and watching it grow over ten years time. 
I think it may have been about the baby.

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Sarah Turley said...

This is the cutest post ever! I love the bit of prose you wrote on your phone you lovely lady you xxx