Wednesday, 29 February 2012


awesome stage presence / awesome rapping skills
images from marissa

Karen Elson

Obsessed with this song but also with Karen. The whole way to Nashville, divorced from Jack White. From Manchester.
This is Chanel Cruise 2009/2012 - she is a true beauty

Monday, 27 February 2012

Temperley London AW12


❤ esp all the maxis

Emily du Preez

I was born in a tiny cottage in Santa Barbara with hedges, white flowers and a cockatiel, the Queen waved to me from her carriage on my first birthday.
Raised to Paul Simon’s Graceland & liked eating raspberries. Wanted to be British and made movies of myself singing show tunes alone in Hawaiian shirts. Named my cat Robin Hood and walked to school in a yellow raincoat. Touched snails skin and chewed on sour grass. Fell asleep to the sound of my parents watching “Cheers” and laughing, tucked into soft sheets and happy. Had a crush on a different boy every year and wore sunflower spandex shorts while listening to Ace of Base. Danced in a play in Jr High and wrote my name on the locker in sharpie. Went to Africa at 14 and followed a lion pack for a week. Had braces and a Roxy t-shirt. High School appeared and found me with long blonde hair pretending to surf and obsessed with theater. A confusing combination. Went to Santa Cruz to study theater and walked through the woods slightly depressed. Moved to Los Angeles to attend Father’s alma matter, was distracted though highly entertained by eccentric professors and handsome friends. Went to football games in a college sweater and sang Tusk by Fleetwood Mac. Joined every club in an effort to be like Max Fisher, sat on the fountain from The Graduate and romanticized my future.
Started Wildfox and after a year stood under our first billboard on Sunset, swam in a pool at night in a full moon. Moved to Beachwood Canyon and drank lemonade on the weekends, found a stray coyote and fed him steak from my window.
Met a boy with long hair and married him in the Bahamas in the sand.
Learned chess.

15 things that make her happy:
1. Overcast days, driving in the rain
2. Ordering room service and jumping on the bed.
3. British comedy
4. Handwritten letters in the mail
5. Family dinners & board games
6. Summer, when the sun goes down at 9pm and it smells like flowers in Beachwood.
7. In N Out
9. Stopping the car to take a picture
9. Tiny puppies
10. Lemonade Stands
11. Watching movies in the bath
12. Harry Potter
13. Hotels in Palm Springs
14. Wine & Brussel Sprouts at La Poubelle
15. Anton

interview from here.

Ruby & Kate 2012

Ruby Aldridge & Kate King at BCBG Max Azria 2012.

image: TFS


so beautiful

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Nicole Richie & Kids & Horses & An LA Canyon

Nicole Richie & Kids & Horses & An LA Canyon = too much
image from Nicole Richie's facebook

Friday, 24 February 2012

Lovecat Magazine

Lovecat Magazine

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Kate Bosworth at Burberry

Kate Bosworth at Burberry, in Burberry.
img: cocosteaparty

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Topshop AW12


Was disappointed with SS12 but this excites me so much. Silk and velvet shirts and jumpsuits and knits and wool with leather patches and dungaree straps and slits with zips and all the prints with little (or sometimes big) crosses on it. Yes.