Monday, 23 April 2012

Week in Pictures

1. The Deptford Project cafe, in a train carriage
2. Deptford High Street characters
3. Black Heath and April clouds
4. Katie cooking food on Saturday night
5. My little moo moos
6. Charlee and my matching heeled trainers
7. Madness at the Serpentine
8. Bench hanging
9. Rowing on the Serpentine
10. Strawberry feeding on the Serpentine
11. At Brockley farmers market in the sunshine
12. The (v smelly) cheese course
13. Caprese sticks with balsamic
14. Pie Minister has opened by work. U-oh - perfect hangover food.
15. Ula & Leah at the roller disco
16. Caravan's fresh beans
17. Gymbox Farringdon is open and looking pimp
18. Sunday scrabble, wooping Joey's ass
19. The next door neighbours cat
20. Jasmine plant, fave wine and sunny evening

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