Thursday, 8 September 2011

Road Trip Part 9 - Viva Las Vegas

That's the Bellagio out of our window

Charlotte was addicted

The Flamingo was one of the first hotels/casinos in Vegas and had a brilliant vintage feel and ACTUAL flamingos
Yup that's a carousel inside the Bellagio

And the Eiffel Tower - Why not?
Sticking with a theme

... theme

in the hotel gardens, a wedding was going on behind us

110 degrees, kayak racing, limbo competitions etc

we very nearly passed out at this point it was so hot

Venice canals - Why not?
Treasure Island, that boat was actually sinking, on fire, part of the show - Why not?

Volcanos / Venice Canals / Fountains that are 5000 feet squared (and dance in time to the music) / Pirate Ships / The Eiffel Tower / Aquariums inside hotels.
We played this Elvis song non stop.

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