Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Road Trip Part 12 - Los Angeles ♥

 We had to try riding like the cowboy rode *handonhip*

 Griffith Park Observatory
 You can see Sunset winding off downtown

 One of my favourite places on our trip

 The cowboy swoon

Me ~ Charlotte 
 Watched the Kids are Alright the night before - so good
 Marilyn's house when she was married to Joe De Maggio
 the bathroom where George Michael misbehaved
 Where River Phoenix died. They played us the 911 call of Jaoquin's, actually still makes me want to cry. He was crying and screaming. Not sure I think it is right to play it on a tour of Hollywood for people's enjoyment...
 Where all sorts of things have gone down
 If only it was the real thing
 Farmers Market
 The Grove
 Lovely dinner at Le Poubelle 

Silverlake you complete me

Brilliant time riding in LA at the Sunset Ranch, with an actual cowboy who rides real bulls back home in Texas and everything. 'It's his druug, but unlike other bull riders he isn't a hoaaaare.' Texan accent. Dreamy. I fell in love with Silverlake and Loz Feliz and Griffith Park. If I lived there that would be the spot for sure...

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