Monday, 5 September 2011

Road Trip Part 7 - Hearst Castle & San Simeon & Cambria


Hearst Castle / San Simeon / Cambria was in the fog when we went which made the castle even stranger than it already was. The most beautiful/extravagant/garish/strange mixture of doorways from 1600 Spain and entire ceilings shipped over from Italy. It was surprisingly beautiful and easy to imagine all the starlets there in the 20's/30'S. Charlie Chaplin, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Dolores del Rio, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Clarke Gable, Cary Grant etc etc. There was a swimming pool (my favourite bit) tennis courts, pools, auditorium, an entire zoo, you can see the zebras which were released into the wild in the fields all around the castle. With no hunting animals they have thrived and just feed along with the cattle like it's no big deal. 
The polar bear was taken to the San Diego zoo! Thankfully.
Had an amazing meal in Cambria at Robin's. Nothing else there but such good food.

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