Friday, 26 August 2011

Road Trip Part 4 - Santa Cruz


You can't argue with that! He offered us a ride. No. Thank. You.

The marina was beauutiful

Ashleigh was luuuuverly

And her friends were too!

The pelicans were amazing, hysterical; they dive bombed from about 10-20 feet up beak first into the water to catch fish

And generally chilled with the dolphins and seals

Had to go the whole way home to get our passports

If you are ever in SC go to the Red Room - best food and amazing reggae/hip hop/jazz band

We met these 2 ridiculous characters on our way home. Laughed about them for days.

Words can't describe how hysterical they were.
Santa Cruz was amazing.
Next up Monterey and then Big Sur

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