Monday, 1 August 2011

Just Do it

  1. Age you get mistaken for: 25?
  2. Have Tattoos? 'As the call, so the echo' - ribs
  3. Want any tattoos? Possibly
  4. Got any Piercings? Nose / tongue / ears
  5. Want any piercings? No
  6. Best friends? Lots of fabulous ones I couldn't live without
  7. Relationship status: Taken
  8. Biggest turn ons: Kindness / Humour
  9. Biggest turn offs: Arrogance
  10. Addicted to: Taking photographs
  11. Favourite Movies: Lost in Translation / Marie Aintoinette / Blue Valentine / The Science of Sleep / Amelie / Garden State / Darjeeling Limited / Atonement / The Edge of Love
  12. Favourite Song: Right now - Bombay Bicycle Club Cancel on Me. Of all time... The Cure - Love Song or something by the Smiths
  13. I’ll love you if: You tell me a joke
  14. Someone you miss: My Mama / Brothers / Jule & Henry
  15. Most traumatic experience: Buying a house / Falling out with a friend
  16. A fact about your personality: Going places on 2 wheels makes me very happy indeed
  17. What I hate most about myself: I’m bossy
  18. What I love most about myself: Creative thoughts
  19. What I want to be when I get older: Healthy
  20. My relationship with my sibling(s): Miss them
  21. My relationship with my parents: Love my Mama more than life itself
  22. My idea of a perfect date: Picnic in a sunny park with yummy healthy food, music and cider
  23. My biggest pet peeves: 'If you say something, do it' (people who don't)
  24. A description of the boy I like: Funny / thoughtful
  25. A description of the person I dislike the most: Arrogant
  26. What I hated the most about school: Colourless fields / boredom / shin splints
  27. What my last text message says: Cool man xx (re dinner on Wednesday)
  28. What words upset me the most: I think it looks a bit drab, to be honest (re something I have produced)
  29. What words make me feel the best about myself: Wow that's so cool/original (re something I have produced)
  30. What I find attractive in boys: Funny / kind
  31. Where I would like to live: Paris / London / Fuji / Bay Islands
  32. My favourtie books: Shantaram / The God of Small Things / Man & Boy / Dangerous Angels (The Weetzie Bat Books) / White Oleander / Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close / Einstein's Dreams / Time Traveller's Wife / Prozac Nation / Hector & The Search for Happiness / Just Kids (Patti Smith)... so many more
  33. My childhood memory: Making camps and tree houses and running around the fields and ponds at Kemsdale house with friends and brothers and cousins and horses and dogs and the smell of a BBQ cooking and the smell of chlorine in my hair and picking fruit in the walled garden and going for long walks in the mud in winter to come home to a Sunday roast with apple crumble and golden syrup and then cleaning tack and the smell of leather
  34. My favorite ice cream: Lavender & Honey (from Bi-Rite Creamery, San Francisco)
  35. My Favourite flower: Tulip
  36. Who I wish I could be for a day: Freja Beha Ericksson
  37. Boy crush: Devendra Banhart
  38. Where I want to be right now: Swimming in the sea on Bologna Beach with Joe, and vanny waiting for us
  39. The last thing I ate: Dorset Cereals Blackcurrant Cherry & Raspberry Bar
  40. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: Marilyn Monroe
  41. A random fact about anything: People saying incorrect phrases crack me up
How much of yourself do you put on the internet... I don't know but the title said just do it, so I just did it

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