Sunday, 20 March 2011

"With my eyes to the past I walk backwards into the future," Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto / V& A / Alice / Tambo / Matcha Frappe / Chicken Katsu Curry / New Jeans / Sunny Olympia 
In awe of the exhibition. What an amazing artist and designer he is - from Haute Couture to his Y-3 collab with adidas, to Madness appearing at the start of his exhibition. All playful and with humour and all so astonishingly diverse. After he finished his law degree he went on to study fashion design and followed in his Mother's footsteps, as a seamstress, working and living in a red light district of Tokyo. His Mother attended the launch of the exhibition at the V&A, his Father was conscripted and killed, his remains were never returned to them. He describes black as modest and arrogant, hardly ever dresses his models in heels and says:
"When I began to make clothing, my single thought was to have women wear what was thought of as men's clothing. In those days, Japanese women wore, as matter of course, imported feminine clothing, and I simply detested that fact." His mother's own wardrobe also played its part. "She wore nothing but black mourning clothes and I would watch as the hem of her skirt fluttered."
"I think perfection is ugly," he once said. "Somewhere in the things humans make, I want to see the scars, failure, disorder, distortion. If I can feel those things in work by others, then I like them. Perfection is a kind of order, like overall harmony and so on. They are things someone forces onto something. A free human being doesn't desire such things."

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