Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Inja Ninja 1

Jojo and I took on India, got ripped off twice, had to make a mad dash and nearly missed the loo once, had our train cancelled because we didn't reconfirm it, cried over this twice, got another tain, met the alleppy mafia, recieved 3 cakes and 4 bouquets of flowers on my birthday, sat in the same spot on a train for 28 and a half hours and went from mumbai (leppers and spitting and rubbish) to kerala (joe was told to take his foot off the chair by a very posh keralan academic who told him this looking down his huge nose through some very thick glasses). Joe got a cake and another bouquet of flowers for his birthday, sat on the houseboats for 24 hours, ate too much curry, both had upset stomachs and took tons of photos. This is only part 1.


Beckerman Girls said...

Your pics are unnnbelievable! Looks like you are having some CRAZY fun TRAVELS! Your pics are so colorful and interestin! I hope you two don't get sick again! Some of the pics are soo funny ! FAB!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

CookingKatie said...

wonderful stuff lady Clara. xx