Monday, 18 August 2008

illis ellies : )

Two little elephants - illustration makes me so happy!!

... post edit...

Maybe on a t-shirt? Clickable!


Domesticated Ape said...

Hey Clara, The gif is linked to my Flickr account and its pretty easy to get. Just follow this..

Starting from your Dashboard, go to 'Add a Gadget', from the list add the slideshow.

The rest is self explanatory but I'll go through it anyway!

You then need to select from which account you want to source the images from, such as Photobuck and Flickr. Then select 'User' in Option. The last thing is to add your username from which it will grab your images. Hit save and your good to go.

Its nice little gadget. Anyways, I hope that helped.

Check you later.

ps. Cool elephants!

Katie said...

clara PLEASE can you be an illustrator... you'd be perfect at it!

Sorry i didn't get back to you on the flash loader thingy - have you googled 'flash loader tutorial' (probs a silly question but that what i'd do...) Its been years since i did flash and i can't rememebr anything!! xxx