Sunday, 18 May 2008

nan goldin

Nan Goldin is putting on two slideshows next weekend at the Tate. She is the coolest photographer - her stuff documented the post-punk new-wave music scene in New York in the 70's and 80's. The main themes of her early pictures are love, gender, domesticity, and sexuality. She has affectionately documented women looking in mirrors, girls in bathrooms and barrooms, drag queens, sexual acts, and the culture of obsession and dependency. The images are viewed like a private journal made public. Her Ballards of Sexual Dependency depicts drug use, violent, aggressive couples and autobiographical moments. Most of her Ballad subjects were dead by the 1990s, lost either to drug overdose or AIDS. The first picture above is Kate Moss yeeeearrrs ago.

Goldin's work is most often presented in the form of a slideshow, and has been shown at film festivals. Most famous is a 45 minute show in which 800 pictures are displayed. The images are viewed like a private journal made public.

The evening which also has Patrick Wolf and John Kelly will be absolutely wicked. It's £20, and I have £7 until the end of the month so I won't be going : (


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words! I was working on iconography of Nan Goldin at Yvon Lambert Galerie, Paris. Caroline-Christa Bernard

Anonymous said...

what is this picture called?

Anonymous said...

"Kate Moss", a new song by Caroline-Christa Bernard